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Moroccanoil Hair Treatment

Moroccanoil® has become a haircare industry sensation embraced by celebrities, runway stylists, and women the world over.  At the core of our success is quality. We have perfected The Moroccanoil Treatment and extended the line to include solutions for every hair need. Our formulas not only leave hair naturally smooth and shiny, but also improve its actual condition to make it stronger with each use. We are proud to have created a new haircare category, and even as we grow, to always remain unique in our industry.



Yellow Box Shoes

Established in 1998, the founder of Yellow Box Shoes discovered a target market in junior fashion footwear. The company aims to break the footwear industry mold by providing stylish, distinctive, and high-quality footwear pieces.

Over the years, its elite fashion design team has developed a distinctive line of junior footwear by delivering the latest runway fashions from Europe, as well as leading trends from many style hotspots all over the world.



Kut from the Kloth

In 2006, Kut from the Kloth was launched because real women were looking for a clothing line that was designed for them.

We were inspired by stories from women like you…women looking for well made, easy to coordinate pieces designed with an impeccable fit. We put together a stellar design team and voila, our brand was born! Each season our design team travels the world for inspiration, and creates thoughtful, realistic pieces for you to feel confident and beautiful from head to toe.

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